eni prides ourselves on maintaining excellent relationships with our EAP providers.

Below is not an exhaustive list of our providers but rather highlights a number of our Preferred Providers  within our network.

Employees with access to the EAP are able to see any provider in our network at no cost to them. This includes face to face, telephonic, and video counseling for any short term counseling needs.

Featured Provider

of the Month

paul akers

Paul D Akers, LMSW

Paul is a Licensed Masters Social Worker in the Rochester area with over 25 years’ experience working as a counselor as well as with individuals with disabilities. His current practice is at Therapy Associates of Linden Oaks.

Paul also is the Executive Founder of Person Driven Consulting whose philosophy is around the understanding that in order to best serve individuals with disabilities and exceptionalities, every decision and action made by the related stakeholders needs to be driven directly by the overall needs, wants, and goals of the individual or individuals supported. They recognize the inherent human right and pragmatic application for people supported to be involved, as much as possible, in as active participants in the decision making process that impacts their future.

For more information, visit Paul Akers website, here.

Our Preferred Providers:


Gretchen P Gaines MSW, LCSW-C

Silver Spring, MD 20901


Kirk Palmer LCSWR, ACSW

Rochester, NY 14625 and Victor, NY 14564


Paul Akers LMSW

Rochester, NY 14625


Paul J Komatinsky LCSW

Johnson City, NY 13790