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Prioritize Your Employee's Mental Health and Wellness

Give your employees the best possible benefits with NexGen EAP's holistic mental health support model

eni’s innovative NexGen EAP offers 8 distinct benefits that are integrated and work synergistically together to promote a more personalized user experience, resulting in a more present and productive workforce.

Counseling, Telehealth & Teletherapy, Mindfulness Training, Certified Wellness Coaching, Health Advocacy, Virtual Concierge, Legal/Financial Consultations, Child/Elder Care, SAP, and Onsite Trauma Response all are components of our exceptional EAP offering.

Fill out the form below to speak to one of our representatives about how NexGen EAP can support your workforce and encourage a culture of Total Well-being!

For more information contact; Victoria Chopra, J.D.
Phone: 704-430-3799
Email: vchopra@eniweb.com